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Small Group:Century Glory Yangtze Cruise – Chongqing to Yichang

  • Destination


  • Trip duration

    4 days, 3 nights

  • Price

    From 2800 cny

  • Availability period

    1 Apr. 2020 - 31 Oct. 2020

  • Min/Max travelers

    Min. 6. Price is based on Shoulder Season (Apr / Jun-Aug)

  • Transport

    Van ; Bus ; Cruise ship

  • Accommodation


Join this spectacular cruise on the most popular section of the Yangtze River, between Chongqing and Yichang. Discover the secrets of the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest reservoir and biggest electricity-generating facility, designed to combat annual flooding and the consequent loss of life. Marvel at suggestive sceneries characterized by shrines and temples, gems of China’s architecture, quiet and clean green water, and peculiar and strong peaks.


The Century Glory Cruise, newly built in 2019, is the youngest cruise on Yangtze River and had its maiden sailing in September 2019. Currently, it is the largest cruise on Yangtze River and the standard cabin is very spacious, up to 25 square meters for you to enjoy a comfortable stay.


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Day 1


After your arrival in Chongqing, you will be met and greeted by an English-speaking local guide. Visit Hongya cave and Jiefang monument. Board the cruise in Chongqing, where you will take part in a safety briefing before departing. Finally, the Captain will organize a Welcome Reception on Sun Deck for you.

Cabin overnight




Deluxe Cabin on Century Glory Cruise

Day 2


In the morning, you will enjoy some warm coffee and tea before learning to play Tai Chi , an ancient Chinese form of exercise initially created as a fighting art.

Buffet breakfast

You will have the choice to stay on board and relax or join the shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City (optional), a large complex of shrines, temples, and monasteries dedicated to the afterlife located on the Ming mountain. The name has its origins from a popular legend, narrating how two officials left the life of the imperial court to practice Taoism, before reaching immortality. The combination of their surnames sounds like "King of Hell" in Chinese. Prepare to get surprised by the display of punishing instruments and wild demon images and learn more about Chinese Ghost Culture.

You will then be attending a cultural lecture before a buffet lunch.

In the afternoon, visit Shibaozhai Pagoda , in Zhongxian County. The pagoda represents one of the gems of Chinese architecture, an architectural delight having been built without nails. The Temple structure consists of a gateway, tower body, and the top temple Tianzi Palace. With 56-meter high, this tower has 12 floors and is relying on unstable stairs to reach its peak. While climbing, many historical and cultural relics can be discovered. It is also said the higher one climbs in the temple, and the more likely their wishes will come true.

Return to the cruise ship for a buffet dinner and get entertained by the cruise with a spectacular Cabaret .

Cabin overnight




Deluxe Cabin on Century Glory Cruise

Day 3


In the morning, you will enjoy some warm coffee and tea before taking the second lesson of Tai Chi .

Buffet breakfast

You will have the choice to stay on board and relax or join the shore excursion to White Emperor City (optional), which took its name from the White Emperor, a general setting up a separatist regime during the late Western Han Dynasty. Here, you can visit numerous Ming Dynasty Era halls housing statues of the Three Kingdoms heroes, and observe an original Ba hanging coffin that is over 2300 years old.

After your return on the ship, you will overlook “Kui Gate,” situated at the entrance to Qutang Gorge . Two perpendicular cliffs rear over the river surface on either side, looking like a pair of giant door leaves.

Buffet lunch

You will also admire Wu Gorge . Featured with fantastic and peculiar strong peaks, banking the water and boasting an interesting legend, the gorge presents elegant, twists and turns, and beautiful sceneries.

Take part in the Shore Excursion to Shennv Stream , a small stream between Qinshi Town and Feifeng Peak. Located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River, Shennv Stream is on the opposite of Three Gorges. Having a total length of 30 km, it is an amazing gorge. You can marvel at an extraordinary view: thousands of feet of cliffs hanging on the sky; hundreds of meters of blue peaks green the water; rocks blocking out the sun; quiet, clean, and green water.

In the evening, enjoy a buffet dinner, set the bills, and get entertained by the Yangtze Night Show .

Cabin overnight




Deluxe Cabin on Century Glory Cruise

Day 4


Buffet breakfast

Disembark at Maoping Port and take a bus to the Three Gorges Dam Site . The Three Gorges Dam, situated in the Yichang, nearby the Xiling Gorge, is the biggest dam in China and the world’s largest hydroelectric station for the usage of flood control and power generation. In 1997, the dam was officially opened to the public. As the pearl of the Yangtze River, Three Gorges Dam is the top highlight during Yangtze Cruise Tour. The tourist area mainly includes: Gorges Exhibition, which tells the history of the construction of the site with the help of pictures and videos; Tanzi Ling Park, best location where to admire the panoramic views of the Three Gorges project; 185 Park Zone that, at the same sea level of the dam, lets you feel the heigh of the dam and view the surface of water in the impounding reservoir. The bus will then accompany you to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal, where the cruise sailing will finally end.

An optional upgrade to the visiting experience is adding the sailing through Ship Lift (optional), before visiting the Three Gorges Dam Site (included). In this case, you will be transferred to a small sightseeing boat first. The Three Gorges Dam Ship Lift is not only the largest but also the most sophisticated in the world. This vertical-hoisting “elevator” can lift cruises/vessels up or down 370 feet to pass Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze River in the Hubei Province in a spectacular 40 minute. Later, join the Three Gorges Dam visit and take the bus transfer to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal, where the cruise sailing will finally end.

Private transfer to the airport or the train station



Yangtze River


The Century Glory Cruise ship is a newly constructed luxury cruise ship and, at present, the newest, largest and most luxury cruise ship sailing on the Yangtze River. This vessel is constructed to be super luxurious and enable every guest on-board to get the best deluxe holiday experience.

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