About A Trails

Where A – stands for top grade

Where A – stands
for top grade

We are a vocational company, based on passion for traveling and utmost curiosity about the world. We conceive Trails in its literal sense – paths into the wild – as well as experiences leading through zeitgeist and self-rewarding discoveries, navigating into different cultures, environments and world-renown gotha-restricted happenings.

To take a trail that we will never forget.

On any level – or path – we set upon, we strive to reach its essence using friendly help from experts, explorers, writers, scholars, professionals, chefs, aristocrats and celebrities: we aim to be enriched by our traveling and make at best use of our time. To enjoy, to understand, to be better.

The team behind A Trails

Our team of professionals and enthusiasts is mainly based in Beijing, where the operation and first A TRAILS office is located. Chinese and foreigners alike, the team is strong of years of experience and versatile in Chinese, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang Co-Founder
Mr. Simone Sturla General Manager
Ms. Valerie Taochy MICE and Luxury Travel Manager
Ms. Emma Zuo Short Haul Manager
Mr. Russell. Li Marketing Manager
Mr. Carrie Xu Travel Consultant

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang


For Xiaolin, China is a traveling playground of immense proportions, and her vast knowledge in putting extraordinary itineraries has made her our first Chinese national heading our team in this vast country. Since 2008, she has been an Asian Trails’ cornerstone of information, an example of how team spirit is pushing the boundaries, of what initially deems to be impossible, to tailored experiences in both leisure and incentive markets. Fluent in English and French, her operational and advisory skills for discerned travel professionals has seen our China operations grow beyond expectations. Aside from having a travel bug, you can find Xiaolin often being immersed in broadening her knowledge in Chinese history and art.

Mr. Simone Sturla

General Manager

Never shy of an adventure, Simone’s career has brought him all around the world. From his early days as guiding groups across South America and Africa to teaching guests the wondrous world below the ocean surface, his broader perspective of the world of tourism turned finally into an affectionate relationship with China. Originally from Italy, Simone has mastered the Chinese language to fluent levels and has called the world’s largest country his home for years. In his spare time, he enjoys diving deep into the world of ancient religions and philosophies as well keeping his advanced scuba skills up to date.

Ms. Valerie Taochy

MICE and Luxury Travel Manager

A French national born and raised in Madagascar, Valerie was always destined for a life of travel and exploration. Her initial foray into China led her to take up various management roles in China’s lifestyle and luxury industry. Consumed by wanderlust she soon moved into the rewarding role of MICE and Luxury manager China. Our Mandarin-speaking explorer can often be found e-biking through uncharted areas of Beijing, practicing the art of Muay Thai and yoga as well as trying out the latest gastronomical delight at a new dining establishment. Her hobbies have turned her into an unsaturated source of travel knowledge for her colleagues and our partners.

Ms. Emma Zuo

Short Haul Manager

As an experienced travel designer and Short Haul Manager of Daocheng Tourism Agency, she has been to many Southeast Asian countries and she has more than 9 years’ experience in the traditional and high-end outbound tourism industry. She shows special preference to theme customized tourism products and she is good at the tourism products like parent-child travel, study tour and holiday travel.

Mr. Russell. Li

Marketing Manager

Russell was an excellent high-end jewelry salesman before he began to work in the tourism industry. He served the middle and high-end customer groups for many years, so he can accurately and quickly grasp the needs of high-end customers and improve their experience. He works as the Marketing Manager of Daocheng Tourism Agency at present.

Mr. Carrie Xu

Travel Consultant

Senior travel designer with years’ rich practical experience. She focuses on team quality control and customer experience improvement and her professional quality makes your journey more comfortable.

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