About A Trails

Where A – stands for top grade

Where A – stands
for top grade

Our company is dedicated to travel, based on a passion for adventure and curiosity about the world. We literally conceive Trails (paths into the wild) as experiences leading you through other eras and self-rewarding discoveries, navigating into different cultures, environments, and world-renown happenings.

We strive for sustainability

Travel is an emotional experience, cherishing new corners and venturing into unknown landscapes. Respecting this and giving back to society has taken an important role in our endeavors in leaving only footprints and taking only memories.

Giving back to society

The concept of sustainability and the responsibilities that come with it has always been on the forefront of our operations. Practices that have stood at the cradle of our inception; practices that have been interwoven in our operations and also are pushed forward to our partners and within the community.
It is also our obligation to maintain our stride for respecting cultural heritage and the biodiversity in the country we are present. We are fully committed to operate with the future in mind: we are committed to present something authentic for generations to come and we feel very much inspired with what is our playing ground in respecting the community, the natural splendour and the historical marvels of our planet.

ATrails has internally set strict guidelines where we follow pre-defined practices for tourism longevity. This on-going process requires training, setting up guidelines for our staff, guides, drivers, suppliers and executives to honour this mission and ingrain the importance of responsible travel further into our DNA.

ATRAILS committed to improving the conditions of communities we encounter on our journeys whilst safeguarding and protecting nature and wildlife.

We are the only Tour Operator in China with Travelife Partner status.

The team behind A Trails

Our team of professionals and enthusiasts is mainly based in Beijing, where the operation and first A TRAILS office is located. Chinese and foreigners alike, the team is strong of years of experience and versatile in Chinese, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang Co-Founder
Mr. Simone Sturla General Manager
PhD. Jeremiah Jenne Expert
PhD. Nicolas Grevot Expert
Francois Nadeau Award Winning Photographer
Mathias Guillin Award Winning Photographer
Justin Culkin Director of Sales
Ben Cubbage Environment Specialist, Local Lore and Excursion Expert
Mr. Carrie Xu Department Supervisor
Ms Camila Zhang Department Supervisor
Mr. Victor Wu Senior Travel Consultant
Mrs. Jane Zhang Operation Coordinator

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang


For Xiaolin, China is a traveling playground of immense proportions, and her vast knowledge in putting extraordinary itineraries has made her our first Chinese national heading our team in this vast country. Since 2008, she has been an Asian Trails’ cornerstone of information, an example of how team spirit is pushing the boundaries, of what initially deems to be impossible, to tailored experiences in both leisure and incentive markets. Fluent in English and French, her operational and advisory skills for discerned travel professionals has seen our China operations grow beyond expectations. Aside from having a travel bug, you can find Xiaolin often being immersed in broadening her knowledge in Chinese history and art.

Mr. Simone Sturla

General Manager

Never shy of an adventure, Simone’s career has brought him all around the world. From his early days as guiding groups across South America and Africa to teaching guests the wondrous world below the ocean surface, his broader perspective of the world of tourism turned finally into an affectionate relationship with China. Originally from Italy, Simone has mastered the Chinese language to fluent levels and has called the world’s largest country his home for years. In his spare time, he enjoys diving deep into the world of ancient religions and philosophies as well keeping his advanced scuba skills up to date.

PhD. Jeremiah Jenne


Jeremiah is a writer and historian based in Beijing since 2002. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, and taught Late Imperial and Modern Chinese History for over 15 years. Jeremiah is frequently asked to speak and lead workshops on history, culture, and cultural adaptation for students, embassies, companies, and community groups. He supports educational programs and historic walking tours of Beijing’s most famous sites and less-traveled byways. Along with David Moser, Jeremiah hosts the podcast Barbarians at the Gate.

PhD. Nicolas Grevot


Nicolas Grevot arrived in Shanghai in 2008, after having spent 15 years in Taiwan as an editor and a journalist. He now works as a consultant and is also a facilitator for a group of CEOs. In addition, he co-chairs the Society of History of the French in China. A great art lover and collector, he is passionate about China, Shanghai and its people. Nicolas tells us about Shanghai like a fable.  He leads workshops on the move or learning excursions in the urban world of Shanghai, devoted to the history and the culture of this fascinating city. He also regularly gives lectures to local organizations.

Francois Nadeau

Award Winning Photographer

Professional photographer from Montreal, François has been selected and invited 5 times at the “World Photographers focusing on Beijing”. He worked in Turkey for the project “Izmir, a legacy for tomorrow” organized by the Arkas Art Center and his photos were exposed at the Arkas Museum in Turkey. He also participated in Izmir photo days. He won the first prize at the international photo contest « 2014 Chinese dream in the Eyes of Foreign Friends ». In 2017, he is invited to Photo Beijing Event to present an important exhibition of his work. His book “China: photographic narrative in the Middle Kingdom” is published with Les Editions Cayennes. His photos were published in National Geographic Magazine and also in many magazines and websites. François Nadeau now lives in Beijing where he works on assignments for different magazines and teaches photography.

Mathias Guillin

Award Winning Photographer

Mathias Guillin is a renowned French professional photographer who has been working in Shanghai since 2005. His photographs mostly focus on architecture and landscapes, however, he also features portraits and can do wonders with light! As Mathias explores the outdoors or unknown parts of his city, he always keeps his camera or his drone beside him. We had the rare opportunity to see some of his personal work, and then grew very interested in sharing the opportunity to have such an individual share his passion on his travels and stunning landscapes of China. Drone (aerial) photography is his latest interest, and this kind of traveling workshops is among our offerings. Learn to use your camera, frame your pictures and see things from a different perspective. If you want to create print worthy pictures, join him on a tour ! You may see some of his work visiting his Instagram: love_what_eye_see

Justin Culkin

Director of Sales

Ben Cubbage

Environment Specialist, Local Lore and Excursion Expert

Ben has been guiding adventure travel trips for over 15 years and has participated in and staffed multiple 90-hour Wilderness First Responder trainings.  He lived on the Tibetan Plateau in Xining’s Qinghai Province since 2010 and collected an extensive trekking experience having completed the 2,650 mile (4,240 kilometer) Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in America.

Mr. Carrie Xu

Department Supervisor

Life is a practice, which is completed by traveling. For more than ten years, Carrie has been focusing on the tourism industry, serving for the Beijing Olympic Games and government inspection, and providing business travel consulting for many multinational enterprises. He has led the construction of many 5 A level scenic spots and intelligent tourism projects in China, and has rich experience in organizing large-scale on-site activities.

Contact me at carrie.xu@atrails.cn

Ms Camila Zhang

Department Supervisor

Where the heart is, the footsteps will go.

I believe that the world can look like a hundred different things to a hundred people, and it is my basic requirement for my work to perfectly realize the details of each guest’s wish.
I have been working at Asian Trails for almost 6 years and have a lot of experience in the field of high end hospitality, a work widely recognized by our clients.

Mr. Victor Wu

Senior Travel Consultant

The more places you go, the clearer you like. The more sceneries you see, the more time you know when to enjoy the best sceneries. The more guests you serve, the more sincere you are. The road is at the foot, the ambition is in the heart.

To Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, or to Europe’s long history and rich heritage has a special preference.

He has been engaged in outbound tourism for 5 years. He has received Alibaba core team, Ctrip executive team, Sogou team and so on. He is familiar with the middle and high-end market and customer service needs. He keeps learning and strives for progress, only to create a better and more enjoyable exclusive itinerary.


Mrs. Jane Zhang

Operation Coordinator

I am fortunate to have been involved in the travel industry that I love. In the years I was involved in outbound tourism, domestic tourism and ground reception in Beijing since 1997, and now I have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. I visited Japan, Korea, the United States, seven countries in Western Europe as a tour leader,  many Southeast Asian countries, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Australia. I am confident to provide reliable service to guests through my hard work and patience.

Travel is an emotional experience, cherishing new corners and venture into unknown landscapes. Respecting this and giving back to society has taken an important role in our endeavours in leaving only footprints and taking only memories.

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