About A Trails

Where A – stands for top grade

Where A – stands
for top grade

Our company is dedicated to travel, based on a passion for adventure and curiosity about the world. We literally conceive Trails (paths into the wild) as experiences leading you through other eras and self-rewarding discoveries, navigating into different cultures, environments, and world-renown happenings.

To take a trail that we will never forget.

On any level – or path – we set upon, we strive to reach its essence using friendly help from experts, explorers, writers, scholars, professionals, chefs, aristocrats, and celebrities: we aim to be enriched by our traveling and make at best use of our time. To enjoy, to understand, to be better.

Through our links within the international Fairfax group, our potential to quench your travel thirst is nearly unlimited and we map out new Trails on the entire globe.

The team behind A Trails

Our team of professionals and enthusiasts is mainly based in Beijing, where the operation and first A TRAILS office is located. Chinese and foreigners alike, the team is strong of years of experience and versatile in Chinese, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang Co-Founder
Mr. Simone Sturla General Manager
Mr. Ferry Rebergen Director of Business Development
Ms. Amy Sun Outbound Manager
Mr. Carrie Xu Customer Service
Mr. Victor Wu Senior Travel Consultant
Mr. Harold Wen MICE Account Manager
Ms. Wenna Travel Consultant
Ms. Carmen Ma Marketing Executive

Ms. Xiaolin Zhang


For Xiaolin, China is a traveling playground of immense proportions, and her vast knowledge in putting extraordinary itineraries has made her our first Chinese national heading our team in this vast country. Since 2008, she has been an Asian Trails’ cornerstone of information, an example of how team spirit is pushing the boundaries, of what initially deems to be impossible, to tailored experiences in both leisure and incentive markets. Fluent in English and French, her operational and advisory skills for discerned travel professionals has seen our China operations grow beyond expectations. Aside from having a travel bug, you can find Xiaolin often being immersed in broadening her knowledge in Chinese history and art.

Mr. Simone Sturla

General Manager

Never shy of an adventure, Simone’s career has brought him all around the world. From his early days as guiding groups across South America and Africa to teaching guests the wondrous world below the ocean surface, his broader perspective of the world of tourism turned finally into an affectionate relationship with China. Originally from Italy, Simone has mastered the Chinese language to fluent levels and has called the world’s largest country his home for years. In his spare time, he enjoys diving deep into the world of ancient religions and philosophies as well keeping his advanced scuba skills up to date.

Mr. Ferry Rebergen

Director of Business Development

Hi! I’m A Trails’ BD Director and as such in charge of all our marketing and sales matters as well as client relationships. I am also developing trails in the northern half of Europe – those areas north of the Alps. After having been working in the travel industry in China for twelve years, I am excited to have joined A Trails as here we offer some amazing journeys that surpass your expectation. I am happy to invite you to see more of our website to have an idea of what we can do for you. But there’s much more!
I have been to many countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania, and there is so much more to visit. Travel is never a routine, travel always excites and it is a key factor in your personal development. Favorite country for travel: Norway, without any doubt!

Contact me at ferry.rebergen@atrails.cn

Ms. Amy Sun

Outbound Manager

Travel is the most memorable part of life. Amy loves travel and have ever been to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and, United States and Many European Countries and more. She prefers to travel in slow pace, which can offer her more time to enjoy the life. She ever worked for many luxury travel companies in China and ever served for famous Hollywood film stars, CEOs of world’s top 500 enterprises,  and founder of Alibaba. Amy have a good understanding of the service and needs of high-end clients, and hope to have chance to design a memorable travel for you.

Contact me at amy.sun@atrails.cn

Mr. Carrie Xu

Customer Service

Life is a practice, which is completed by traveling. For more than ten years, Carrie has been focusing on the tourism industry, serving for the Beijing Olympic Games and government inspection, and providing business travel consulting for many multinational enterprises. He has led the construction of many 5 A level scenic spots and intelligent tourism projects in China, and has rich experience in organizing large-scale on-site activities.

Contact me at carrie.xu@atrails.cn

Mr. Victor Wu

Senior Travel Consultant

The more places you go, the clearer you like. The more sceneries you see, the more time you know when to enjoy the best sceneries. The more guests you serve, the more sincere you are. The road is at the foot, the ambition is in the heart.

To Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe, or to Europe’s long history and rich heritage has a special preference.

He has been engaged in outbound tourism for 5 years. He has received Alibaba core team, Ctrip executive team, Sogou team and so on. He is familiar with the middle and high-end market and customer service needs. He keeps learning and strives for progress, only to create a better and more enjoyable exclusive itinerary.


Mr. Harold Wen

MICE Account Manager

Worked in the MICE industry for more than 10 years, Harold is very experienced and ever served for BMW, BENZ, Byte Dance, and many other corporation. He cares about all details and believe that details make a difference. Ever travel with groups to Australia, Japan and South East Asia, he believes that travel open minds and can change peoples’ lifestyle.

Contact me at Harold.wen@atrails.cn

Ms. Wenna

Travel Consultant

It makes Wenna feel great that she works for her interests. There is an old Chinese saying that it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. During her study in Europe, she had the opportunity to travel all the highways and byways of Europe, which offer her deep understanding of the local culture and custom and becomes the motive to join travel industry. Wenna has served many high-end clients and she believes that meeting the personal requirements is one of the key point for travel service.

Contact me at Wenna.wang@asiantrailschina.com

Ms. Carmen Ma

Marketing Executive

Saint Augustine once said that the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Carmen is keen to travel and share her experience with clients. She ever studied abroad and traveled to Europe and Latin America,where she got a deep insights about the customs and culture of different countries. After she join A Trails, she worked as marketing executive and share the impressive moments of travel to all A Trails fans.