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Private Tour: Summit of Great Wall Challenge Hiking Two-day from Jiankou to Simatai West

  • Destination


  • Trip duration

    2 days, 1 night

  • Price

    From 1300 cny

  • Min/Max travelers

    Min. 2

  • Transport

    Van & Foot

  • Accommodation


Jiankou or the Arrow Nock is probably the steepest and most dangerous section of the Great Wall around Beijing.
We will skip this section, but not losing the beautiful scenery. Both Jiankou and Mutianyu sections of the Wall were built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D.-1644 A.D.). Mutianyu is well-known for its dense vegetation and wit fine stonework. It benefits from a recent restoration in the 1980s.

Jinshanling is the name given to the wall situated on the Jinshan Mountains. Its earliest section was built in the
6th Century but most of what you see now also dates from the Ming Dynasty.
Gubeikou has probably seen more battles than any other parts of the Great wall,
including some of the most famous in Chinese history. On the southern slope of Gubeikou stands a temple
dedicated to Yang Ye, a famous Great Wall garrison general of the Song Dynasty. this is one of the oldest
temples dedicated to this general in China.

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The Great Outdoors, All

Beijing Great Wall Hiking from Simatai West to Jinshanling

1 day
From 1200 cny
Day 1

Beijing - Jiankou - Mutianyu - Lianhuachi - Gubeikou (6.5 - 7 hours, 10 km hiking)

Pick you up at your Beijing hotel at 7 am and drive 2 hours to Jiankou. Our hike starts from a small village at the foot of the mountain. The first hour is a challenging straight up to Zhenbeilou Tower, where we will have a panoramic view of all Jiankou sections. We will be rewarded with stunning scenery by the hard walk, and this is a great photo spot. The superb views, dense vegetation, and many watch-towers make this a memorable trek. After refreshment and photo taking, we will continue eastward to Mutianyu. We have walked 2 hours so far and will approach Mutianyu soon, which is a popular section among regular tourists hordes. The rest of the walking today is mainly downstairs. There’s a sharp contrast between original Jiankou and restored Mutianyu. Keep walking on Mutianyu for 2 hours, and we will leave the tourist behind and come across the remote section at Lianhuachi. The last 1.5 hours of steps are crumbling, and we have to watch our feet carefully. Our driver is waiting for us at the end, and we will then drive 2 hours to Gubeikou.


-/Picnic lunch/D


Great Wall Inn Gubeikou

Day 2

Simatai West - Jinshanling - Gubeikou - Beijing (7 - 7.5 hours, 14 km hiking)

Finishing breakfast by 7 am and drive 30 minutes to Simatai West. A 40-minute walking up will lead you to East-Five-Eye watchtower at Simatai West. You may take a few breaths before reaching the Wall and will be rewarded by the breathtaking panoramic view of this amazing human constructions. Once standing on the top of the Wall, you could see Simatai, Jinshanling, and Gubeikou in a clear day, what a spectacular view! You will walk mainly on brick steps at the Jinshanling section, and some of them are big. This section of the Wall is very popular among keen photographers for its intact watchtowers, beacon towers, and other solid constructions. The steps rise and down constantly, and the scenery is changing at every watchtower. Take a short break and some photos here; we will then walk westward to Jinshanling. We will get through Shalingkou and Zhuanduokou and then off the Wall at West-Five-Eye watchtower for 2.5 hours. We will climb up the mountain again, walking on the hilly path. The rest of 1.5 hours’ walking on the Dragon Hill is relatively flat and easier. We will come back to Great Wall Inn for a late lunch. We will drive 2.5 hours back to the city.





Beijing, home of many Emperors, shaped by the Khans, and reshaped by China's magnificent economic boom of the past four decades, offers a perfect mixture of ancient and modern, and of tradition and progress.

Gubeikou Village

Great Wall Inn Gubeikou

The courtyard is only 20 minutes walking from the Great Wall and run by local people in the village. The Inn is a place with comfortable & quality sleeping in an authentic & original local community by an affordable way

Beijing, home of many Emperors, shaped by the Khans, and reshaped by China's magnificent economic boom of the past four decades, offers a perfect mixture of ancient and modern, and of tradition and progress.

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