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Photography Workshop Tour: South Yunnan with Rice Terraces

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  • Trip duration

    6 days, 5 nights

  • Availability period

    2 Apr. 2023 - 7 Apr. 2025

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    Boutique Hotels

Francois Nadeau – Award Winning Photographer
A professional photographer from Montreal, Francois has been selected and invited 5 times at the “World Photographers focusing on Beijing”. He worked in Turkey for the project ‘Izmir, a legacy for tomorrow’ organised by the Arkas Art Center and his photos were exposed at the Arkas Museum in Turkey. He won the first prize at the 2014 international photo contest ‘Chinese dream in the Eyes of Foreign Friends’. In 2017, he was invited to the Photo Beijing Event to present an important exhibition of his work. His book “China: photographic narrative in the Middle Kingdom” was published with Les Editions Cayennes and his photos have been published in National Geographic Magazine and many other magazines and websites. Francois Nadeau now lives in Beijing where he works on assignments for a range of magazines and also teaches photography.

This photography tour is a great opportunity to put into practice some important notions of photography. Here are some of the topics our expert will approach on this trip:
• Preparation for a day of shooting
• How to be ready for situations
• Landscape, portrait, and panoramic photography
• Best setting to take pictures of the rice terraces
• Capturing beautiful sunrises and sunsets
• Composition
• Neutral density filters
• Digital Workflow
This workshop will adapt to all situations in order for you to learn how to take stunning pictures. It will help you to photograph subjects and create the best composition. Our expert will have daily group discussions as well as one-on-one sessions throughout the trip about different subjects, methods, and approach.

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Day 1


Arrive at Kunming airport to meet and greet with your guide before transferring to the city center for lunch. In the afternoon visit the Western Hill and Dragon Gate where you will have a panoramic view of Dianchi and pass the Dragon Gate. As the Chinese idiom goes, 'Once you ascend Longmen (Dragon Gate), you would receive a sudden boost in your prestige'. Dragon Gate is a certain gorge on a river flanked by precipices and with a natural dam. If carps swimming upstream could jump over the dam, they would become dragons.

If time allows, enjoy a leisurely walk to the Dianchi Dam, where you may have chance to photograph the flying seagulls.




Kunming Cachet Boutique Hotel

Day 2


Depart for Yuanyang after breakfast and visit Stone Forest en-route. Stone Forest has the most unique karst landform in the world due to its long history, large scale, and rich categories. It’s reputed as the ‘First Wonder under the Heaven’ and enjoys a high reputation in world geography circles. Continue driving south to arrive in Yuanyang and check into your hotel.




Yuanyang Oness Resort

Day 3


On this day enjoy a full day of exploration to the Yuanyang Rice Terraces. The scenery of the terraced fields in Yuanyang is at its best from November to the following April when the fields are filled with water offering photographers stunning scenery to capture.

Proceed to a local Village called A zheke, famous for it’s mushroom-shaped houses. The village is home to the Hani and Yi minority group who live together peacefully.

We will hike around the villages to discover and photograph the daily life of the locals and enjoy the sunset on the terrace fields (weather permitting).




Yuanyang Oness Resort

Day 4


In the morning visit Duoyishu Scenic Area, the most beautiful natural and cultural landscape of the Yuanyang Terraces and the best place to go to photograph the sunrise.

Hike the terraced fields and enjoy the beautiful views before setting off to Jianshui to visit Ant Workshop by Luo Xu, a native artist of Yunnan. The project was built after the transformation of an original waste brick factory and consists of a large maze built with hollow bricks. All of the buildings in the “Ant Workshop” have been developed in accordance with local ceramic culture.

Arrive in Jianshui and check into a boutique guesthouse converted from an old Chinese courtyard.




Jianshui Guesthouse

Day 5


In the morning enjoy a scenic journey by taking a sightseeing train to travel out of Jianshui Ancient Town to see the Double Dragon Bridge and Tuanshan Folk Houses.

Jump on the train at Lin’an Station (near Chaoyang Tower) and admire idyllic farming scenery along the route before making a stop at Double Dragon Bridge and Xianghui Bridge for some sightseeing and photography opportunies. Double Dragon Bridge, also called Shuanglong Bridge, is a seventeen arch bridge 148m long and 3m wide. It crosses above the injunction of Lu River and Tachong River, which looks like two Chinese dragons, hence the name Shuanglong Bridge.

Afterwards continue your train journey to
Tuanshan Village. Built in the Ming Dynasty, Tuanshan Village is regarded as the Gem of Chinese Civil Houses and the most beautiful village in Yunnan. Its architectural style of the 19th century and beyond remains intact and the distinctive way of people's life is preserved, fully showcasing China's indigenous cultural characteristics. Enjoy a wonderful stroll in this historic village to experience the unique lifestyle and folkways of Tuanshan villagers and explore distinctive buildings such as Zhang Family Garden.




Jianshui Guesthouse

Day 6


On your final day explore Jianshui Old Town at your own pace. Take a stroll to the local market like a local and encounter goods you may have never seen before. Step into hidden temples and admire the local wooden carvings and delicate gardens. Visit the ancient wells and walk into a traditional tofu workshop to learn how to make your own Jianshui tofu. Transfer back to Kunming and to the aiport for your flight back home.





Enjoy the splendid Rice Terrace in central Yunnan and discover the local minorities' lifestyle

Enjoy the splendid Rice Terrace in central Yunnan and discover the local minorities' lifestyle

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