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Private Tour:Mountain Wutai Weekend Experience

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  • Trip duration

    2 days, 1 night

  • Price

    From 2989 cny

  • Min/Max travelers

    Min. 2

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  • Accommodation

    Boutique Hotel

*With its five flat peaks, Mount Wutai is a sacred mountain of Chinese Buddhism

*Mount Wutai, literally, ‘the five terrace mountain’, is the highest in Northern China and is remarkable for its morphology of precipitous slopes with five open treeless peaks.

*Mount Wutai is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO

This weekend journey will bring you the best of Mountain Wutai, and allows you with enough time hiking along on the mountain.

Please note that the itinerary and the order of the visits as described above is subject to change depending on local conditions.

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2 days , 1 night
Day 1


After picking you up at Datong train station, you will be transferred to visit Mount Wutai. Here you can visit the mountains and the temples in of Wutaishan, which is one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism. The highlights of Wutaishan are Pusa Ding, Xiantong Temple and Ten Thousand Buddha Pavillion. This will be a full day hike so make sure that you are well-rested. After the visit you will be transferred to your hotel hotel.




Luxury Boutique Hotel

Day 2


Today you will visit two monasteries of Wutaishan, namely Dailuoding Monastery and Longquan monastery. To get to Dailuoding, you have to step up 1080 steps or take a cable car. Longquan Monastery is an influential monastery within the Chinese expat community and abroad, having branched out to Beijing and the Dutch religious hub of Utrecht, and having published several books, this name might return to you often after visiting. You will be transferred back to the hotel after visiting the monasteries.





Shanxi boasts countless cultural treasures awaiting your discovery.

Shanxi boasts countless cultural treasures awaiting your discovery.

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